Daniel Rossen was asked by a close friend of his if he would put together a playlist for an upcoming fashion show.

  • Lansing-Dreiden: “Spectrum of Vapor”
  • Washed Out: “Feel It All Around”
  • Broadcast: “Corporeal”
  • Here We Go Magic: “Tunnelvision”
  • Chromatics: “Hands in the Dark”
  • Drake & Lykke Li: “Little Bit”
  • Micachu & The Shapes: “Golden Phone”
  • Au Revoir Simone: “Another Likely Story (Neon Indian remix)”
  • KP & Envyi: “Shorty Swing My Way”
  • Neon Indian: “Deadbeat Summer”
  • The Russian Futurists: “It’s Over, It’s Nothing”
  • Nivea: “Don’t Mess With My Man”
  • The Shortwave Set: “Is It Any Wonder”
  • Vega: “Kyoto Gardens”
  • Of Montreal: “I Was a Landscape in Your Dream (Grizzly Bear remix)”
  • Ghost Town DJ’s: “My Boo”
  • Telepathe: “So Fine”
  • Toro Y Moi: “Blessa”
i wonder what my favorite artists listen to. do you think they listen to the same groups as normal folks? i haven't heard of most of these people/bands before. i searched [via hypem] most of them and found some of them to be kind of "out there" and "different" for my current tastes in music. so i was thinking that there must be this HIERARCHY OF MUSIC. Grizz bear/AnimCollective/ etc. are located at the top of the ladder. mainstreamers are located on the bottom and i'm somewhere in the middle? It seems that we are perpetually climbing. Mainstreamers are discovering "new bands" and integrating them into mainstream [2K late] culture; While i am developing new tastes in music [via blogs] and listening to "new" and "upcoming" bands [searching for authenticity]; While the REAL artists/musicians/people are chilling w/ bands nobody knows [and won't discover for yrs.]

however, classic hip-hop songs by nivea and ghost town dj's were included in the playlist. this makes me wonder if maybe they're just normal people like me. maybe we can connect on a 90's hip-hop level through Coolio [via gangstars paradise] and Petey Pablo [via that one song where you take your shirt off and wave it in the air just like a roflcopter]



lately i've been into reading blogs. i like blogs. thinking that it's a good way to talk about stuff. maybe you're into it. follow my blog. if not, then laterr.