on august 25, my good friend catey smith warner was hit by an intoxicated driver while waiting to cross the street and broke her leg, knee, nose, and bones in her face.

yesterday: text w/ jeremy warner [husband]

ME: hey i just heard about Katie. is she ok?

JEREMY: She's doing ok. She's in the hospital. You can come visit if you want.

ME: yeah which hospital?

JEREMY: the indie one in provo.

i wish the warner's the best. if there are any of you who know them, we are holding a banquet in order to help raise money to support the cost of the hospital bills.

click here for more info


thanks lindsay
san francisco. volunteered at music festival for 2 hrs. got in 4 free.

Outside Lands 2010

edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros- home

chromeo- night by night video here

phoenix- armistice

empire of the sun (a must see 'live')


current summer read.

now trusting more in my adaptive unconscious, less in my cognitive conscious.

it might be a non-fiction self-help book. sue me. i'm winning.

blink by malcolm gladwell