jared + meg set a marriage date for this summer.
california here i come.

beach fossils- youth

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watching 'an education' by myself right now. oops.


i can't get enough of this. i've watched this video four times today already.


my friend megan is pretty.

meg, what if i had a crush on you? what if we were more than friends?

what do you say?

[ ] yes [ ] no

toro y moi- talamak

photo credit: jessica peterson @ jessica peterson photography


deseret industries. provo, ut. $8.
my friend teejay called me last week and asked me if he could borrow some money. he was on campus buying a book and forgot his wallet. i was in the library, so we met up and i gave him $22.

this weekend he "paid"me back. with interest.

just praying that the cashier at my local bank doesn't think this is a joke.