MGMT album "Congratulations" leak! management is forced to stream it for free on their website:

original release date: april 13th

i've been streaming the album. idk what to think yet. not sure if they'll have a breakout hit like "kids" but it's still good.

mgmt- flash delerium



i'm a cougar- therefore, i have no spring break

foreign born- early warnings
foreign born- vacationing people


last night @ the towers theater [slc]


a documentary of the white stripes tour of canada. it was their first time since being a band [circa 1998]. not only did they play their scheduled venues, but sideshows during the day at parks, bowling allies, rest homes, etc. chilled w/ indians. just trying to reach the people.

for those of you who think meg white is ugly- by the end of the documentary you'll think she's pretty. if you already thought she was cute, you're gonna think she's a babe. and if you already thought that, then you will see her for the rock/seh goddess that she is.


hey jared,
remember that one time we met in spain? [june 2008]
you flew in from england and needed a place to stay.
so we shared a bed.

hey remember that one time i ran into you @ that party @ starry night [via kenny king] and we exchanged numbers so we could play soccer?

remember how we became friends and went to cut/copy @ the house of blues, las vegas for your bday last year?
remember hilary came along and jorge took this picture of us? i remember how we thought we were so cool [via pre-ray-ban trends] but we really weren't.

remember that one time we went to katie brandeburg's christmas party? that's when thayne started to hang out [via halo/call of duty]

remember when you "dated" katie awhile back?
remember how she told you she liked me at this party?

i remember how you gave me words of wisdom concerning the matter. i also remember making her cry 1.2 weeks into our "relationship". we both never talk/see her anymore, but we will always have that connection [dating the same girl]

"hi, i'm katie b."

remember last summer? it was the best of our lives.
bike rides.
house shows and shows [via gallivan].
@ rez.

hey remember when you took this @ dead weather? i remember this is when i forever fell in love w/ alison mosshart but you were still devoted to zooey [pre-500 days of summer]. to each his own, i guess.

we also furthered our non-gay-somewhat-gay liking for jack white. but how could you not?

remember that one time i "won tickets!" to monolith music festival @ red rocks, CO? i got notification [via gorillavsbear] a few days beforehand so we got work off and drove to colorado for the weekend. we shared an authentic music experience [via passion pit, mars volta, m. ward, yeahyeahyeahs, phoenix]

but it wasn't until chromeo when we 'got it'
hey jared, remember that time you were my BEST FRIEND?

happy birthday.


met through the 'white rhino' summer 2008
-you were dating kamryn then-
we rode bikes to the 'flower basket' for a party

you sold me a bike

bonded over 'call of duty'
used to hang out everyday
new year's @ LasV w/ jorge and chris
summer @ the rez, bbq, 7 peaks
cali w/ rory and ben [you got me into fleet foxes]
winter sledding/scattergories/dancing

i only see/talk/text you every 1.7 weeks

but you are still MY FRIEND

happy birthday.

fleet foxes- blue ridge mountains


went skiing yesterday for the first time since i was 10 yrs.
i watched the olympics, so i knew what i was doing.
hopefully i can post some pics soon
[via adventure disposable camera]

-special thanks to: matthew, teejay, sarah, kam and shaun [white]-
thanks for your inspiration.